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L'AhSe esta feta pols.



I com que una mica de musica sempre va be quan estas fet pols, aqui va el "Dark Lochnagar", tal com el canten The Corries, tot i que el poema original del Lord Byron es veu una mica diferent. S'ha de dir que per alguna rao completament desconeguda aquesta canço li toca el cor a l'AhSe, i de la forma mes estranya, ja que l'AhSe mai no ha posat els seus beneits peus a Escocia.

"Away ye gay landscapes, ye gardens o' roses
In you let the minions o' luxury rove
& restore me the rock where the snow-flake reposes
If still they are sacred to freedom & love.
Brave Caledonia, dear are thy mountains
Round their white summits though elements war
Though cataracts roar 'stead of smooth-flowing fountains
I sigh for the valley o' dark Lochnagar.

Ah! there my young footsteps in infancy wandered
My cap was the bonnet, my cloak was the plaid
On chieftains departed my memory lingered
As daily I strayed through the pine-covered glade.
I sought not my home till the day's dying glory
Gave place to the rays o' the bright Polar star
My fancy was chilled by the bold martial story
As told by the sons o' dark Lochnagar.

Years have rolled on, Lochnagar, since I left you
Years must roll on ere I see you again
Though nature of verdure & flowers bereft you
Yet still art thou dearer than Albion's plain.
England thy beauties are tame & domestic
To one who has roved on the mountains afar
Oh! for the crags that are wild and majestic
The steep frowning glories o' dark Lochnagar.

Brave Caledonia, dear are thy mountains
I sigh for the valley o' dark Lochnagar.

Ill-starred now the brave, did no vision foreboding
Tell you that fate hath forsaken our cause?
Yet were you destined to die at Culloden
Though victory crowned not your fall with applause.
Yet were you happy in death's earthly slumbers
To sleep wi' your clan in the caves of Braemar
The pibroch resounds to the piper's loud numbers
Your deeds tae the echoes o' dark Lochnagar.

Brave Caledonia, dear are thy mountains
I sigh for the valley o' dark Lochnagar."

A mes del dark Lochnagar, l'AhSe tambe sospiraria per un parell d'ulls foscs i un cervell d'una logica mes forta que la de molts altres. 

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  2. AhSe diu:

    Aixo es perque el blocat NO VA!!!

  3. Myrddin diu:

    Quina merda el blocat, ahse. Perquè no ens mudem d’una vegada?


  4. AhSe diu:

    Tens rao. Jo un dia em mudare al wordpress de debo! 🙁

  5. enric diu:

    blogger no va malament, tampoc.

    Anima’t: http://youtube.com/watch?v=L0-KhvrGwCU

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